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Our A La Carte Menu

Our philosophy is simple: take the best quality ingredients, prepare dishes fresh to order and provide an authentic taste of Lebanon. We don’t buy in ready-made frozen food like many restaurants, but make everything ourselves from the raw ingredients.


The Lebanese like to share a meal and so the food is centred around mezze – smaller plates offering a wide variety of flavours from the simple to the complex and each plate has its own distinctive taste. The best way to enjoy a meal is to select a range of different mezze, both hot and cold, and then pass the time with some good conversation and a few drinks to accompany the meal.


1- Lentil soup £4.50

Tasty lentil soup with a touch of spice and cumin

2- Chicken soup £4.95

Rich chicken and vermicelli soup


3- Tabouleh £5.95

Lebanon’s most famous salad, made with parsley, lettuce, tomato, Bulgur wheat and spring onions,
marinated in olive oil and lemon.

4- Fattoush £5.95

Mixed salad, lettuce, tomatoes, mint, Sumac, red onion, radish, papers, and olives marinated with
our house dressing and topped with fried Lebanese bread.

6- Makdous £5.95

Our house made salad, made with Pickled Baby aubergines filled with walnuts, chilli, and garlic,
marinated in olive oil and mixed with spring onions and tomato.


7- Homous £4.50 V

Home-made chick pea puree with tahini sauce, garlic and lemon.

8- Homous Beiruty £4.95 V

Homous topped with fresh chilli, parsley, lemon and whole chick pea £5.50

9- Moutabal £5.95 V

Smoked aubergine puree with tahini sauce, garlic, mint and lemon juice.

10- Falafel £5.95 V

Croquettes of chick pea, fresh coriander, garlic and served with salad and tahini sauce.

11- Warak enab £5.95

Vine leaves filled with rice, tomato, peppers, mint, parsley, and slow-cooked in pomegranate sauce
and olive oil.

12- Labneh £5.95 V

Home-made Soft cheese rolled in mixed herbs and marinated in olive oil.

13- Grilled haloumi £5.95 V

Grilled haloumi and drizzled with olive oil and fresh herbs.

14- Kraydes £5.95 

Prawns cooked in olive oil with onion, garlic, chilli and parsley.

15- Kibbeh £7.95

Deep fried lamb and burgul wheat shells filled with seasoned lamb mince and nuts.

16- Jawaneh £5.95

Grilled Chicken wings marinated in lemon juice, herbs and olive oil.

17- Arayes £5.95

Grilled Lebanese flat bread filled with lamb mince, garlic and parsley.

18- Sawdat djaj £5.95

Pan fried chicken liver with onions and pomegranate sauce flambéed in lemon and garlic.

19- Modammas £4.95 V

Fava beans simmered overnight and mashed with mixed herbs, lemon, garlic and olive oil.

20- Vegetarian Kibbeh £5.95 V

Vegetarian kibbeh, made with burgul wheat, tomato puree, onion, chilli paste and olive oil and
served with own chilli dip.

21- Makanik £5.95

Spicy lamb sausages, fried with onions, garlic and pomegranate sauce.

Main course

29- Bamieh 13.95 V option

Okra and lamb meat stew (available without meat for vegetarians at £10.95) served with rice and

30- Mousakat £13.95 V option

Aubergine and lamb meat stew (available without meat for vegetarians at £10.95) served with rice
and salad

31- Molokhia £14.95

Traditional mallow leave and chicken stew, served with rice.

32- Farouj mashwi £14.95

\Char grilled half chicken, served with rice, salad and garlic dip

34- Daoud basha £14.95

Traditional Lebanese meat balls cooked in a zesty tomato sauce with coriander, garlic, onions and
served with rice

35- Castaleta £17.95

Lamb cutlets marinated in herbs, char grilled and served with salad, rice and spicy pomegranate

36- Spicy lamb stew £14.95

Traditional lamb stew with spinach, veg and spices served with rice, salad and bread.

37- Mix grill £17.95

Selection of grilled lamb, chicken and kebab (minced lamb) skewers served with salad and rice.

38- Samaka hara £16.95

Two Pan fried sea brsm filets with tahini sauce, dill and topped with pine nuts, served with rice and

40- Jambary £16.95

Jumbo king prawns, sautéed in tomato, garlic, parsley and chilli, served with rice and salad

43- Shakreyeh £13.95

Tender lamb meat cooked in our own yogurt sauce and herbs, served with rice and salad.

46- Chicken shawerma £13.95

Platter of chicken shawerma, served with rice and salad


Mouhallabieh £4.95

Lebanese milk pudding, topped with rosewater syrup and sprinkled with pistachios

Baklawa £4.95

Filo pastry layers filled with pistachios and mixed nuts topped with syrup

Knefe bel Jibn £5.95

A luxurious Lebanese cake made with cheese, heated until it melts and drizzled with sugar syrup &


Our lunch wraps come with side salad, Rice, homous and garlic dip, priced at £8.95

Chicken Shawerma

Thin slices of chicken, marinated with mild spices

Shish Tawouk

Grilled pieces of chicken breast


Grilled lambs mince with garlic, parsley and onions

Chicken liver

Pan fried with onions and Pomegranate sauce


Homemade chick pea croquettes

Wraps served daily from 12.00 to 17.00